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The Shock of Getting Back to Reality After 90 Days in Lock-Down

Hi, friends!

I hope that you and your loved ones are doing great in spite of everything that's going on. Slowly but surely we’re getting back on track, and today I thought I'd share with you how was my first encounter with the world after being in lock-down for 90 days. Perhaps you might relate.

During the lock-down, which took effect in Puerto Rico on March 16, my family and I were doing okay. Our experience wasn't as tough for us as it unfortunately was for many others. Time went by and I isolated myself more than I should've since I didn't go anywhere in 90 days. That's why, when places started to reopen and I saw that people were letting their guards down, going out and about as if nothing was happening, I was more hesitant to leave the house. However, I had two appointments in June, so going out wasn’t something I could avoid anymore.

On the morning of my first appointment I experienced an anxiety that overpowered my body with desires to cry and throw up. My heart was beating loud and fast and my legs couldn't stop shaking. I began to take deep breaths and within 30 minutes or so I managed to calm myself down. Thankfully, the rest went smoothly, but some of the uneasy feeling remained in me throughout the day.

The following week I had my other appointment and their strict protocol made me nervous and a tad anxious yet again. Although I wasn’t feeling like I did the first time, I was inside my head wondering if I was doing something wrong, if I was being watched, or if I had to get permission to move. I was also afraid that if I sneezed or cough, since I get allergies often, people would think I have the virus. Every move had to be authorized indeed (which made me feel like a robot or something) but everyone was nice and calm. Thankfully, that energy rubbed on me and made me feel comfortable for the time I was there.

I knew things were different, but it was on that first appointment where I came face to face with reality and understood that this is our new normal for the time being. It was uncomfortable to see people on the street, in the waiting room, and around me with masks, keeping distance, and avoiding me as I walked by and I never anticipated my reaction to be what it was. I knew the protocols and what we were dealing with, but I hadn't experienced it first hand until that moment. It was then when I realized that things are definitely not getting back to how they used to be.

I admit I've gotten better dealing with the new "normal", but I'm still choosing to remain at home for the most part and take the precautionary methods to keep myself and everyone else safe, which I ask that you do as well. I’m interested to know what was your experience in transitioning from being in lock-down to going out or if there's anything crazy that you've seen during these past few months. Make sure to comment it down below.

This is something that affected the world so, together, we're dancing to the rhythm of this pandemic while we find our beat to overcome it.

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Jul 27, 2020

It is a serious situation with this pandemic, but for me the most difficult part has been not able to greet people the way I used to. And just seeing people with mask has the new normal is just weird.

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