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💐2023 Spring Bucket List💐

Blooming season is upon. Let us make the most of it with this 2023 Spring Bucket List. 🌻

Living on an island doesn’t provide a fair opportunity to experience each season’s particular weather, daylight hours, and temperature because it’s basically Summer all year round. However, finding unique things to do each season gives us a chance to enjoy them in whichever way we can. That's why I love bucket lists.

Here are some of my Spring Bucket List activities for you to enjoy this season. Scroll down to save the list on your phone.

1. Ride a bike

Riding a bike is a great way to spend some time under the sun and with nature. Not to mention, exercise.

2. Buy flowers

Visit a flower shop or field and see nature’s bloom while getting flowers for yourself or someone you love.

3. Fly a kite

Take advantage of a breezy day and let your kite soar as high as it can. It is a great activity for a relaxing family day.

4. Have a picnic

Prepare your favorite snacks and beverages, gather some loved ones, pick a beautiful and peaceful location, and have yourself a sweet picnic. Here are some picnic essentials you can keep in mind for your planning session.

5. Spring clean your home

Take a day to get rid of things you don’t use or need and make space for a clean and decluttered home.

6. Take a pottery class

A pottery class is a nice activity to use your hands and do something creative that can also be practical for your home or someone else’s.

7. Go out for ice cream

Visit your favorite ice cream shop or a new one and try a flavor you’ve never tried before.

8. Visit a butterfly garden

Admire nature’s beautiful creatures and their transformation cycle.

9. Paint taper candles

Another lovely way to work with your hands to make something beautiful.

10. Stroll through a botanical garden

Become one with nature by appreciating what it has to offer and the preservation these spaces provide.

11. Make home-made lemonade

Nothing as refreshing and satisfying as a delicious lemonade for Spring and Summer.

12. Wear a flower dress

Let your fashion reflect the season by wearing a dress, skirt, top or accessories that have a flower print.

13. Bake a Spring treat

From cupcakes to cookies to cakes, bake something with flavors that scream Spring to you.

14. Eat brunch with a friend

I’m a brunch lover for life. Gather some friends, your significant other, or your family and go out for brunch; or you can simply do it at home.

15. Get Spring inspired nail designs

Again, reflect the season in your fashion by getting fun flowers or spring designs on your nails.

16. April Fool’s Prank

I’m always a bit hesitant about pranks, but a little one won’t hurt anybody. Let’s see what creative pranks you come up with this year, but don’t go too crazy with it.

Don’t forget to download or screenshot this Spring Bucket List so that you can have it on the go to make the best out of this season.

Happy Spring! 🌼🌷


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