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The Beauty of Valentine's Day

Here's a different perspective on V-Day because it’s not just for couples in love, it’s for everyone.

Hello everyone. I hope you’re all doing very well. After being M.I.A. for the past year and a half, I’m excited to be back with a new blog post. I see there are a few new subscribers, so welcome!

You might find Valentine’s Day cheesy or dreadful, but I think it creates a sense of togetherness and thoughtfulness, which is why, regardless of your relationship status, I hope to provide a different perspective and perhaps you’ll develop a new appreciation for this holiday because it’s not just for couples in love, it’s for everyone.

When we were little and in school you probably dressed up in red, brought Valentine’s Day cards to all of your classmates, ate tons of chocolate, and would receive a few gifts like balloons and stuffed animals.

I don’t know if this was your case, but my mom always taught me that everyone was important, therefore, I needed to write the name of all of my classmates. My closest friends and teachers came to mind first while the classmates I spoke to the least came last. Nevertheless, that exercise was important to create a sense of inclusion. The act of giving a simple card showed kindness and self-lessness. The older we get, the act of gift giving reflects our efforts to know other people’s interests and tastes to make them feel seen and appreciated. It’s not necessarily about the gift itself, but what you communicate through that gift: I thought of you, I care about you, I value our relationship, I love you.

In high school, it became the real deal. Serenades, gift exchanges, Hershey Awards, roses, and more chocolate came into play.

Serenades were awesome. They gave us the opportunity to have courage and show vulnerability, while expressing gratitude if you received one. Hershey Awards were a fun group activity that brought us together for a couple of laughs.

Fast forward to adulthood, we partake at an office gathering, have a special date with your significant other, throw a Galentine’s Day celebration, find ways to enjoy the holiday by yourself, or you treat it like any other day. Whatever you do, creativity is involved, but more so intention with what you do and with whom.

Aside from the over-the-top elements, the beauty of Valentine’s Day is what it teaches us and who it motivates us to be, but only if you're open to it. Let it be a reminder to show yourself and the people in your life how much you care for them and how thankful you are for having them in your life. Whether it’s your parents, siblings, pets, friends, or significant other, love should be manifested and celebrated all year round. Valentine’s day is just a chance to go all out without forgetting to show love a little more often.

After reading this post, think about your relationships and how much of your time, energy, and effort you’re pouring into them on a daily basic, (that includes the relationship with yourself). At the end of the day, what we truly need is to love and to be loved. So, be thoughtful, attentive, intentional, caring, and selfless. I can’t wait to meet you here soon. Until then, keep finding your beat while dancing to the rhythm of life.

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