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Finding the Leader Within You

Taking charge of your life requires becoming your own leader

Welcome back to the blog, everyone!

I know last week was intense due to the elections and that’s why I didn’t upload a blog post, but I’m excited to be back. If you follow me on Instagram you might’ve seen a post and a few stories where I shared that I was taking a leadership workshop. Although I’m unable to reveal much information about the workshop itself, I'm sharing a glimpse of what it takes for you to become the leader in your life like this experience is leading me to become mine.

Many of us have hopes and dreams that we often put aside because of all the negative conversations we have in our heads. However, becoming the leader of your life begins by knowing yourself from the inside out and rediscovering the power and greatness within you. A major part of that self-discovery includes recognizing what fears you hold deep in your heart that are holding you back and facing them because you are greater than your fear.

One thing we need to acknowledge is that we are our greatest obstacle. It’s easier to blame our failures and setbacks to our parents, siblings, friends, exes, religion, politics, past experiences and traumas (which are all valid). Becoming our own leader, though, requires us to be responsible and acknowledge our participation or our lack of. The reality is that even though we cannot control what we’ve gone through or what has been done to us, we can control how it affects us and how we move forward from it. The beauty lies in having the power to do something about it. You can either continue carrying the baggage, feeling stuck, feeling angry, unable to trust others, comparing yourself with people you see online, and being the victim of life, or you can change your narrative and build the life you’re worthy of. The choice is yours!

I’ve begun that process and I’m not gonna lie, it’s not like ripping off a band aid or a tape on your hairy legs. It’s much worse because leaving your comfort zone is quite painful and difficult. A lot of resistance goes into it. But, what may hurt today, can feel like a triumph tomorrow because pain is temporary. If you look up to the sky and see a grey cloud, it’s hard to see the sun shining through it. You are that sun and life is your grey clouds. Let your light be so bright that it clears the entire sky.

As the 20-somethings finding our beat, I know we follow uncertain dark paths where we walk and walk without getting anywhere. Keep in mind that you can light your way, but ask yourself the following questions: Where are you now? Where do you want to go / What do you want to achieve? How are you going to get there? When do you want to get there (be specific)? What do you wish to get out of the journey?

Take your sweet time answering these questions. You may not find all the answers, but you might achieve some clarity that can serve as your starting point. Finding the greatness within you and becoming the leader in your life will help you overcome the obstacles you face instead of conforming to what life throws at you. Be patient, be open, be willing, trust the process, and go for it. Extraordinary things don’t happen in an ordinary process. One must do the unimaginable to have the desirable. So, tell you comfort zone you’re thankful for the commodity, but it’s time to spread your wings if you want to change your life.

Always remember this, if you don’t love yourself, who will? If you don’t go after your dreams, who will? If you don’t take risks for your life, who will? Take a leap of faith. Make the change. Be your own leader.

It’s part of the process of finding your beat by dancing to the rhythm of the life you’re building. Have a wonderful and purposeful week. Until next Monday, friends!

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