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Everything You’re Doing Wrong in Your Online Dating Profile

Avoiding these 26 mistakes in your online dating profile might get you more "right swipes."

Hello and welcome back to another blog post. February’s here and I want to dedicate it to love and relationships. This week I'm diving into online dating. Yes, I’ve been there and have done that. Lol! (I might share some stories about my experiences on Instagram, so head over there and join the gram fam.) Anyway, today is all about the profiles. Keep in mind that, since I'm interested in men, these are things I've seen in their profiles, though these can apply to both men and women. Also, all dating sites are different so these are mostly inspired by Bumble. Without further ado, here are 26 things you’re doing wrong on your online dating profile.

Don’t pose with other people on every photo, especially in the first one

People want to see who YOU are. You'll get to showcase your friends and family eventually if you hit it off. Besides, I see it as a way to protect their privacy since many people will most likely see your profile. If you want to communicate how much you value those relationships, put it in your bio. In the meant time:

  1. Don’t include pictures with another girl, unless you’re in an open relationship or looking for a swinger. If you are, specify it. Even if she’s your sister or your best friend, I don't recommend that you include it.

  2. Don’t include group photos.

  3. Don’t pose with your family, especially your mother as that might insinuate something...

Don’t cover your face

Okay, let’s keep it real. Online dating is pretty shallow. I mean, matching with someone depends first and foremost on your looks and then on your description. How can you expect someone to swipe right if they can’t see your face? For that, avoid:

  1. Posing with sunglasses.

  2. Including one or more pictures with your face mask. (Wear your mask in public though.)

  3. Uploading mirror selfies with your phone covering your entire face.

  4. Posing with a cat, dog, or any other pet or animal too close to your face.

  5. Cropping your face on a selfie.

  6. Uploading a picture in which you’re staring at the great beyond and you only show your back, legs, head, and/or tooshie.

Don’t upload unrecognizable pictures of yourself

If people can’t be sure if you’re a robot, a person, or an alien who can change into different appearances like Jack Jack from The Incredibles, don’t expect people to swipe right. People must be able to see the closest representation of who you are through your photos. So, please:

  1. Don’t put filters on your photos like the dog filter or cute flowers all over your face. Nope. Nothing. Nada.

  2. Don’t retouch or enhance any of your features such as eyes, muscles, lips, etc.

  3. Don’t use pictures from 5 to 10 years ago unless you haven’t changed at all.

Don’t include random photos

They say pictures speak louder than words, right? Well, make the effort to include images that say something about who you are. A collection of random photos you must not include are:

  1. 5 out of 6 shirtless pictures showcasing your hot body. That might give the impression that you’re shallow or narcissistic.

  2. Only selfies, especially bathroom ones with the toilet behind. One or two selfies is fine, but try posting a few where people can see you from top to bottom.

  3. Photos where you’re high or drunk (or getting there). Yes, I’ve seen those too.

  4. Mirror selfies with an incredibly messy background.

  5. Inviting selfies of you in bed.

Don’t leave your profile blank

If people can’t see you, can’t know anything about who you are or what you want, why in the name of online dating do you even have a profile? Seriously. If you’re looking for someone, a friend, a relationship, a travel partner, a swinger, or a one night stand, you have to show people that behind that name there is a real person. So, make sure you:

  1. Don’t leave your profile pictureless.

  2. Don’t leave your description or caption empty. Besides the profile picture, your description is the next “selling point.”

  3. Post more than a one photo.

Additional “Don’ts” for Your Online Dating Profile

  1. Don’t use poor quality photos. Invest on your profile.

  2. Don’t pose with a serious face on all of your photos.

  3. Don’t take spelling and grammar for granted.

  4. Don’t give the impression that you’re looking for Instagram followers. Don’t write “I barely use this, DM me” or only write your IG username. Again, why do you have an online dating profile then?

  5. Don’t leave your profile vague. Be honest and direct with who you are and what you’re looking for.

  6. Don’t try to be or appear as what you think others will like. As cliché as it is, just be you and you’ll attract the right kind of people.

That’s it. I hope you find these helpful. Let me know if you’ve done or have seen any of these “don’ts” in an online dating profile and comment below if there’s anything you want to add. If you’re online dating, good luck! Have fun finding your beat and a partner while dancing to the rhythm of life. 😉


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