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5 Things 2020 Has Taught Me So Far

Although 2020 is not over yet, I couldn't help but share 5 things it has taught me already.

Hey, peeps!

What’s happening? What’s your 411? Wait, that reminded me of “Disney 411.” Do any of you remember that? Ah, #memories Anyway, I hope that you guys are safe and sound after the passing of the tropical storm, Laura. I know that I probably should do a 2020 recap, which I might do, but I’ve been reflecting and even within the first few months, this year has taught me many important lessons. Although there are many, I’ll only share 5 with you today to keep things light. *Clears throat.* Class is in session, folks!

1. A “new” year does not mean a “better” one.

Prior to a new year we’re hoping for the next one to be a better one. We make new year resolutions and travel plans. We’re determined to have a different attitude and an open mind for the wonderful things to come because we think, “this is my year.” Yeah, right! The year 2020 came to let us know that this is it’s year and we’re just here along for the ride.

Many of us are counting the days for the clock to strike midnight for us to scream, “Happy New Year!”as it would officially be 2021, a fresh start and a better year. Well, I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble, but there’s no guarantee that 2021 will be a better year. I mean, I wish I could bibbidi-bobbidi-boo it into being a great one, but anything can happen and that was my next lesson.

2. Life is unpredictable and our control is limited.

No matter the hopes we have and the plans we make, life always has a plan of its own. The year 2020 has taught me that: jobs are not guaranteed, buildings such as houses are not all safe and secure, medical experts and scientists don't know it all, people will do whatever they want, our electricity can come and go at any moment, and regardless of who we vote for in the upcoming elections, we can’t know for sure how those in power will govern our country. So, what can we truly control other than ourselves (our emotions, thoughts, reactions, attitude)? Just when we think, "what else can go wrong?"...BOOM! Something else comes along and we have to roll with the punches because that's just how life works.

3. Technology is not as bad as I thought.

Those of you who really know me, know the love/hate relationship I have with technology. Although I still have my negative thoughts and feelings about it, 2020 has changed my perspective. The use of technology has made keeping in touch with loved ones possible after having to physically distance. It has made working and studying from anywhere a possibility. It has made shopping online and virtual medical appointments a new experience. Its endless features has facilitated the process of meeting many needs and I do respect and appreciate that.

4. We're not on the same boat, though in the same sea.

We often live in a bubble unaware of our privileges, which we often take for granted. We're in the same rocky sea, but some boats are steadier than others. I have the privilege of having a home to quarantine at, family as a support system, computer and internet to work and study from home, and health that has prevented me from landing at a hospital. When you look to the boat next to you, you see that the narrative is different for others. I've learned to be grateful and thank God for my blessings and privileges; the good an the ugly. To each our problems may seem big and unbearable, but we can't let them blind us from the good in our lives and our position of privilege.

5. It’s not over yet...Anything can happen in four months.

You know, as the one-sided relationship 2020 has had with us, mostly because it brought COVID-19 with it and turned this into a bizarre love triangle, I’ve learned that it likes to keep the adrenaline going. #personalitytrait I mean, cases of COVID-19 are increasing, we’re going into the hurricane season, presidential and government elections are coming soon, and there will probably be a few surprises more inside the piñata. Let’s just hope we have our eyes nicely covered so that we don’t hit it with every swing we throw at it and unleash those surprises.

Buckle your seat belts, friends! 2020 has found it’s beat and we’re simply dancing to its rhythm until the next tune comes along.

Have a lovely week and I’ll talk to you again on next Monday’s blog post.

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