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A Weekend Getaway in Ponce, Puerto Rico

If you’re looking to have a chill getaway where you can enjoy an artistic scenery, then these places in Ponce, Puerto Rico will give you a nice weekend getaway.

For those of you interested in spending a relaxing weekend exploring artistic beauties, these places will give you something good to see. From classic to urban to vintage pop art, you'll enjoy they wonders Ponce has to offer.

The Fox Hotel

Every weekend getaway starts with having a place to stay. The Fox Hotel has a 1950’s vintage retro style that screams art and fun. It’s right in Plaza las Delicias near Parque de Bombas, King's Cream ice cream shop (made with natural fruits), the Ponce Cathedral and more. Every corner of this hotel has a photo opportunity and during the weekends there’s live music. They have a few local food spots inside the hotel as well. There aren't many amenities except a pool table, a massage room, and an activities center, but it’s a good spot to hang out, chill, take pictures, and stay the night while you take day trips elsewhere. For reservations, fees, and additional information, click here.

Parque de bombas

Parque de las Bombas is a historical landmark that used to be a fire station. It has an antique and beautiful architecture in red and black, the symbolic colors of the town. It’s right across the street from The Fox Hotel and they offer historical tours. To learn more about Parque de bombas, click here.

Castillo Serrallés

Castillo Serrallés is Spanish inspired mansion built in the 1930's. The tour of the grounds, you’ll learn about the sugar and rum business that made this house and it’s family historic. Not to mention, with a $15.00 fee, you'll also have access to the Japanese garden, the Cruceta del Vigía, and the butterfly nursery. Other than that, you’ll get to see the beauty of its architecture and experience the breathtaking view of the city of Ponce. For more, click here.

Side note: Many people do weddings and activities in Castillo Serrallés because it's truly beautiful. My 9th grade class photo was taken there.

Museo de Arte de Ponce

The Museum of Ponce houses a collection of European and Puerto Rican work. For those of you who like history and art, you’ll enjoy visiting this museum. Not only you’ll enjoy the art itself, but the overall architecture and ground of the museum, which also provides yoga classes, art workshops, and other activities. For more, click here.

Ponce es Ley

Now this is my kind of art. Ponce es Ley is a collection of urban art derived from the artistic phenomenon Santurce es Ley, where many artists are invited to fill the streets with unique art. Perfect for an artistic tour and photo opportunities, simply wander the streets of Ponce and see what you can find.

El Rincón Argentino

This argentinian restaurant has an extensive menu and has a few sitting areas. My favorite was the beautiful hall-way like area shown in the pictures above. I loved the vibrant colors and the fun art that surrounds the space. The other areas which are inside the restaurant and towards the main entrance were more subtle if you'd prefer it that way.

The place is lovely for a good meal, great service, and artistic appreciation as well. Not to mention, it's near The Fox Hotel, Parque de Bombas, King's Cream, the Cathedral, Meliá Century Hotel, and some of the artwork pertaining to Ponce es Ley.

Paseo Tablado La Guancha

Take a stroll down the boardwalk la Guancha and enjoy a lovely view of barrio beach. You’ll be surrounded by many local shops to grab a bite to eat and you might even see pelican friends who want to say hi at times. Parque la Guancha, a recreational complex, is also near, but how they’re operating after the pandemic is unclear to me. When I went recently, it was a little late and everything was closed, so we just walked alongside the beach for a bit.

And that concludes a relaxing weekend getaway in Ponce, Puerto Rico. I hope these places help you plan your next visit to the town.


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